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ID.6 is a mobile puzzle game. You have to help ID.6 escapes a space station by crossing the levels but be careful ID.6 has a limited battery

ID.6, a robot on an space station, has been left behind after the evacuation of the station by all humans. Disappointed by their behavior he decides to flee the station by himself before its explosion, to come back to Earth and kill all the humans

ID.6 was a school project made in 2 months (October-November 2019), we had constraints to produce this game
Constraints : 
- Mobile game 
- Gyroscope as core gameplay
- F2P (intend to be F2P, we made fake publicities and  fake shop)

WARNING : The game contains an oral tutorial in French (made with my beautiful voice :p), you should understand it without the oral part but if needed I could add a tutorial here as well

Team :

Lead Producer : Stanislas Vaslin

Game Design : Théo Gautier

Economic Game Design : Antoine Guillemot

Level Design : Paul Bonanomi - Clara Toussaint

Prog : Enzo Onesti - Tom Rivaud

3D : Maxime Veyriat (assets from Kenney.nl used)

UI : Thierry Cecchi

Vfx & Lighting : Killian Dufour

Sound Design & Compositor : Ivan Palla Cervantes

Animation : Tanguy Vidal


ID.6.apk 103 MB

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